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My name could live in infamy

I was just looking up information about the recent cyclone in Myanmar and I came across the list of names that will be used for future hurricanes.  It turns out that the third hurricane of 2010 will be named “Colin”.  Interestingly, neither my wife’s name nor my daughter’s name appear in the currently active list or in the list of retired names.  I’m just hoping that “Colin” doesn’t become equated with death and destruction, like “Katrina” has become.  Unfortunately, I have no control over that.


Flight Cancelled…

I flew to Pittsburgh on Thursday for a meeting in Ohio on Friday.  I was supposed to fly back to Boston today, but my flight was cancelled more than 3.5 hours before it was supposed to take off due to the weather in Boston.  My flight got rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:35 AM.  That’ll make for an early rise.  Good thing I get an extra hour of sleep tonight because of the time change.


1 X Bad News; 2 X Good News

First, the bad news:

  • It is now officially cold in Boston. The warm weather was nice while it lasted

Next, the good news:

  1. I got a pleasant surprise recently when I logged into my eMusic account. After a few months on the eMusic Lite plan ($5/month for 20 songs) my subscription automatically upgraded to the Basic plan. Since the new pricing structure is in effect, I expected that it would only get me 30 songs. However, I was wrong. My account page says I have 40 songs to download. So, evidently, the fact that I remained a member with a subscription that was going to automatically upgrade to the Basic plan locked me into the old, better rate. That was a pleasant surprise.
  2. I got an envelope from some LA law consultants the other day concerning the bankruptcy proceedings for the now-defunct Independence Air. Normally, getting a large envelope from a law firm wouldn’t be a good thing, but in this case it was. My wife and I had bought two tickets for impromptu travel back to Boston after our car was written off during a trip back to Pittsburgh in the Fall of 2005. However, we ultimately decided not to use the tickets; we bought a car in Pittsburgh and drove it back to Boston instead. We couldn’t get a refund on our tickets but we did get flight credits with Indepedence Air worth over $300. When they went out of business, I figured our money was gone. However, this was an erroneous assumption. It turns out that we’ll be getting some of that money back as part of the airline’s bankruptcy proceedings. Unfortunately, we can only get back money that was for personal travel and since my trip was for business I can’t get a refund for my ticket. However, we can claim for Heather’s ticket, so we’ll be getting more than $150 back! That said, since these legal proceedings have a tendency to drag on and on, we might not actually get this money until after we retire.


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