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Steelers win by NFL-first 11-10 score

I find this incredible.  After over 12,800 NFL games on the books, today’s Steelers-Chargers game ended with a score that has never before been recorded.  One touchdown and a field goal gave the Chargers 10 points.  A safety and 3 field goals gave the Steelers 11 points. Continue reading ‘Steelers win by NFL-first 11-10 score’


On tying ties

When I was in high school, I had a mental block about tying ties. My dad was really good at it, so instead of putting forth effort myself to learn how to do it, I just had my dad tie my ties and then I kept them in my closet pre-tied. At some point during college, I had either gotten a new tie or I had accidentally untied one of my pre-tied ties while taking it off and I found myself needing to tie a tie myself. Naturally, I did a quick web search to see if there was anything online about tying ties. What I found is really interesting and has helped me a lot over the years, so I thought I would share it with you. Continue reading ‘On tying ties’


Sports-oriented graph paper

I’ve been preparing a post on the Pirates’ win records over the last few years and I had created an Excel spreadsheet to plot their win fraction (total wins/total games played) as a function of time during each season. Initially, I had plotted their win fraction versus the date but that made comparing the data between seasons complicated because the seasons’ start and end dates vary a bit from year to year. So, I plotted it versus the number of games played. When I did that, I was somewhat surprised to find that there were sections of the plots from different seasons that overlapped exactly, sometimes for 5 or more games. This indicated that these plots were constrained to consist of a series of small sections from a relatively small, finite set of curves. However, I didn’t know what these curves were, so I set about to figure it out. The final product of this investigation is graph paper that a sports fan can use to easily plot the progress of his/her favorite team as the season progresses.

Continue reading ‘Sports-oriented graph paper’


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