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I got my wife the Eye-Fi 4GB Share Video SD card this year for Christmas.  Yesterday, while we were snowed in, we exchanged a few gifts so she got to open it.  In a nutshell, this SD card has both 4GB of flash storage and a built-in wireless adapter that enables it to wirelessly transmit photos and videos to your computer over your wireless network.

While I thought this would be a great gift, I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t work on the university’s wireless network in our on-campus apartment.  Sure enough, when I tried to set it up yesterday I couldn’t get it to work.  Any time a new device tries to connect to the university’s wireless network the DHCP server assigns it a temporary local IP address and redirects it to a registration web page.  Unfortunately, the Eye-Fi isn’t really a network adapter so you can’t use it to browse the web.  Thus, you can’t visit the registration page in order to register it for use on the network.

After the automatic setup procedure didn’t work I jotted down the card’s MAC address (which is easy to determine using the included software) and emailed the IT people on campus to ask if they could manually add the card’s MAC address to the list of MAC addresses the DHCP server will supply with IP addresses.  They were very helpful and responded that they had added the card’s MAC address as I had asked.

So, now it appears that I’m all set. I spent some time this afternoon getting it set up and I’ve successfully uploaded 5 or 6 pictures and one video using the device. All in all, it’s pretty nice. Hopefully, using this card will simplify the process of getting pictures from the camera to the computer but only time will tell if the device lives up to its promise.

If the card I got my wife works out well, I’ll seriously consider buying the Eye-Fi Pro, which permits you to upload RAW files as well as JPGs and videos.  In addition, it enables you to set up an ad-hoc connection with your PC so you can bypass local wireless networks and upload pictures directly from your card to your computer.  This type of functionality typically costs much more than either the Eye-Fi Pro’s street price of $100 or its MSRP of $150.


New Tripod

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and in the weeks leading up to it, I spent some time trying to fill out my wish list on Amazon.  I would like to briefly plug their universal wish list button – you can add it to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar and then add anything you find on any website to your wish list.  That’s pretty handy.

Anyway, I have wanted a sturdy tripod for a while.  After a lot of looking, I decided that I wanted a ball head since I had grown tired of having to adjust two or three knobs in order to get my composition right.  I settled on the Manfrotto 322RC2. It seemed like it would allow incredibly fast composition changes and would be very comfortable to use.  So, that found its way onto my wish list.

By pooling together money I got for my birthday I was able to get the 322RC2 head with the Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod legs.  I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to use everything yet but so far I really like it.  The ball head is so nice.  It is super easy to change your composition, very quick, and it locks solidly into place.  The legs are big – if I extend the legs fully, the eyepiece of the camera is at eye level without raising the center column at all.  This is great because it maximizes stability and gives me some freedom to play around with shots that might require the camera to be above my eye level.

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Our son had to get 2 stitches the other day when he cut his head after falling.  We’ve been thinking about how to prevent this type of thing from happening again, since he seems prone to falling and hitting his head.  People have suggested a helmet but that seems a little extreme – in particular because it protects parts of his head that aren’t in any danger. The only part of his head that’s in danger is his forehead.  With that in mind, I hit on an idea – a headband/sweatband.

Yesterday, my wife went out to Target and came home with a headband for him. You can see a picture of him wearing it by clicking the link below.

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the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

When I was little, I was always getting into mischief, which often led to some type of injury.  Just ask my mom – she had to take me to the emergency room many times.  I’m not totally sure how many times I had to get stitches while being restrained in a kid-sized straight-jacket, but it was more than once.

In any case, my son is now following in my footsteps.  He has been tripping, falling, and hitting his head on the ground for probably a month.  Today, though, he tripped and evidently hit his head on a small rock lying on the ground.  So, instead of a nice scrape like he’s gotten before, this time, he got a nice cut, which bled profusely down his face.  You can see a picture by following the link at the bottom of this post, but be warned – there is a lot of blood.  Also, here’s my wife’s description of today’s action.

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Planning my future audio/visual/computer setup (Part 1)

I recall a number of months ago, the pastor at our church talked about how the things you daydream about tell a lot about your priorities. I don’t remember much about the rest of the sermon because I was daydreaming about computer case designs… Time has moved on and now I’m on to new daydreams, though still involving computers. These daydreams are really expanding on a previous post, this time extending the vision to multiple computers and a whole home network. In a subsequent post I’ll talk about how TVs, DVRs, and video players might fit into the equation.

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Pumpkin 2008 and the Arduino Project

I guess this is becoming somewhat of a tradition.  Last year for Halloween, I carved the Pirates logo into my pumpkin.  This year, I decided to spend less time on the carving and more time on the lighting:

After the break, I have some info on the Arduino project and how I got involved.

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On tying ties

When I was in high school, I had a mental block about tying ties. My dad was really good at it, so instead of putting forth effort myself to learn how to do it, I just had my dad tie my ties and then I kept them in my closet pre-tied. At some point during college, I had either gotten a new tie or I had accidentally untied one of my pre-tied ties while taking it off and I found myself needing to tie a tie myself. Naturally, I did a quick web search to see if there was anything online about tying ties. What I found is really interesting and has helped me a lot over the years, so I thought I would share it with you. Continue reading ‘On tying ties’


Migrating photo galleries

If you have kids and live away from your extended family, online photo galleries are pretty much a necessity these days. I’ve been running one on this server since 2004, when our daughter was born. I’ve been using Gallery v.1 and it’s worked out pretty well for me. However, as I get closer to graduating, I’m aware that my ability to host this site will change. Figuring out what changes to make and actually making those changes could be both time-consuming and headache-inducing.

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Your significant other’s family tree

While we’re on the subject of tests of knowledge, I thought I would mention another one that came up for me recently.  My parents were visiting to help us with the new baby and my mom asked me a couple of questions about my wife’s side of the family while Heather was asleep.  I thought about it for a minute and determined that the best way for me to answer the questions would be to draw Heather’s family tree (starting with her grandparents).

I was able to draw the tree on her dad’s side with little difficulty, though I couldn’t remember the name of one of her cousins.  Her mom’s side was a little hazier mostly because we have had less interaction with them.  I got her aunts and uncles but I wasn’t able to name all of her cousins (and spouses and their children).  Anyway, I’ll pose this question to my readership: assuming you have a significant other, how well could you draw out your significant other’s family tree (on both sides) starting with his/her grandparents and ending with the youngest generation?

In my family tree, the youngest generation is two generations younger than me: I have a first cousin twice removed (that is, a grandchild of my cousin).  So, while putting together the family tree of your significant other might be an interesting challenge, if you have a complicated (or even large) family tree, it might even be an interesting challenge to write down your own family tree…


On awesome projects and internet superstardom

Sometimes I get discouraged by the fact that there are lots of people on the internet who are doing lots of cool projects while I don’t have time to pursue the awesome projects that I dream up and that would surely bring me internet superstardom.  It would be nice to be able to pursue those projects, but I have a couple of important other projects in the works:


If these two projects turn out well, I won’t be sorry that I didn’t get to work on all the others.


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