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Steelers win by NFL-first 11-10 score

I find this incredible.  After over 12,800 NFL games on the books, today’s Steelers-Chargers game ended with a score that has never before been recorded.  One touchdown and a field goal gave the Chargers 10 points.  A safety and 3 field goals gave the Steelers 11 points. Continue reading ‘Steelers win by NFL-first 11-10 score’



Ok, so this post isn’t actually about potpourri. Rather, it’s just a mix of a bunch of stuff that I’ve collected over the last two weeks.

  1. The Pirates won again tonight (2nd in a row) after losing 6 straight, including being swept again by the Cubs. Matt Morris and Adam LaRoche are officially terrible. Nate McLouth, Xavier Nady, and Ryan Doumit are awesome.
  2. I had thought about starting a new segment on my blog where I post a line from a song to see if people can figure out what song it’s from. Then, I realized that, in the age of the internet, that task is trivially easy. I had planned on using the line “Who put the shield around the ‘k’?”, from “K for Karnival” by Nothing Painted Blue but just typing the line into Google gives you the answer. Curse you, internet.
  3. I also thought about introducing a repeating segment in which I would post a picture as a RAW file and have people submit their take on it. I may still do this if people are interested.
  4. On Patriot’s Day our family had an outing to see the Boston Marathon. On our way home, I saw this:



    That’s right, a “Wii Sports” jacket. Now, I like my Wii as much as the next guy, but I’m not about to wear something like this.  That said, the “Wii Sports” jacket is a step above the bowling pin costume I saw the same day:


    Alright.  I think that’s enough for now.  I’ll post more when the mood strikes.


Air Guitar Nation

Last Saturday night, Heather and I were flipping through the channels looking for something decent to watch.  I had just finished watching the end of something like “Top 100 One Hit Wonders” on VH1 and they said that the next show would be a documentary called “Air Guitar Nation”.  It looked pretty entertaining, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I’m glad I did: it was hilarious.  The basic synopsis is this: in 2002 two American guys find out about the World Air Guitar Championships held in Finland so they go – not as competitors – only observers.  They are struck by the fact that there are no Americans in the competition, so they resolve to organize championship events in the US in order to send a US champion to the world championship the following year.  I don’t want to give much more than that away because the story is really good.  Anyway, if you’ve ever pretended to perform a guitar solo in your bedroom, this documentary is for you.

The documentary is out on DVD, so you can get it on Netflix or something.  Or, if you want to watch it for free, it’ll be on VH1 at 1PM tomorrow (Feb. 13th), so set up your Tivo.  The trailer (which I think doesn’t really do it justice) is here.


This is hilarious

This evening I got interested in what happened to some of the Pirates’ previous top draft picks.  So, I headed over to and checked out the webpage of the Indianapolis Indians, the Pirates’ AAA affiliate.  While I was on that site, I discovered something awesome: the Men’s Hairiest Back Contest.  A local laser clinic is sponsoring a contest in which prospective contestants are asked to send in a photo of their hairy backs.  The finalists are invited to an Indians game and the winner gets free laser hair removal.  This is funny, but I’m a little concerned by the photos on the website.  A completely hairless back just looks unnatural.  Plus, I’m guessing most people with hairy backs have pretty hairy fronts.  So, if the contest winner only gets hair removal for his back, he’s going to look pretty weird with a smooth, hairless back and a hugely hairy chest.

Anyway, if you have a hairy back and want free laser hair removal, send in your picture!


Tax Rap

I saw this in the Boston Metro (a free newspaper distributed at public transit stations). TurboTax is sponsoring a competition where people rap about taxes and using TurboTax. The contest is “hosted” by Vanilla Ice and involves a $25,000 prize for the winner. Anyway, I took a look at some of the submissions and some of them are painful to watch. However, there are some that are really good. In the Metro article, they recommended “Keep Your Refund FATTER” by 401Cakes & Samuel L. Taxin’. I think it’s really good, so take a look:

If you want to peruse all the entries, look here. If you want to see the contest home page, check here. Some of the stuff is really good, but don’t be surprised if you find something that is both embarrassing and painful to watch. You’ve been warned.


My first photo competition

As some of you may know, I spent some of my spring break in Omaha, NE visiting my wife’s grandmother and assorted other relatives. While we were in Omaha, we went to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, which, for the size of the city, is an outstanding zoo. While at the zoo, I noticed a sign announcing a photo competition they were sponsoring. I had my Pentax K1000 on hand, so I thought I would take a few pictures and see if I wound up with anything worth entering in the competition. As it turns out, I got a couple of good pictures and entered one:


The best part of this picture, in my opinion, is the expression on the gorilla’s face:


Anyway, if you find yourself in Omaha between April 5th and April 15th, head over to the zoo and check out the picture, which will be on display in the Scott Aquarium. The winners are determined by the votes of zoo visitors, so remember to vote (for my picture) early and often.


First Mii Contest

After having the Wii in my possession for almost 3 weeks, I finally got to play it when my family and I celebrated Christmas on Dec. 22nd.  One of the first activities was creating Miis for myself, Heather and other family members.  I spent relatively little time on mine, but got a satisfactory result after probably only 10 minutes or so.


With mine complete, we moved on to Heather’s.  This proved to be much more difficult.  In fact, we have gone through probably 4 iterations and we’re still not all that happy with the result.  So, since we are having little success ourselves, we thought it would be a good idea to have the first subject in the Mii contest be Heather, whose chose her name on the Wii to mimic the name she uses when she posts comments on my blog, namely “Your Wife.”

I had mentioned before that there is a flash interface online for making Miis.  However, once I started using the editor on the Wii, I discovered that the flash interface provides much more customizability than the editor on the Wii.  So, in order to ensure that the Mii contest produces winners that can actually be used on the Wii, I will restrict entries to the contest to those created using the actual Mii editor on the Wii.  Perhaps this will provide impetus for those of you who want a Wii but haven’t yet purchased one to get out there and buy one.  Incidentally, this site reports that Best Buy will have a ton (eg. ~150 each) of Wiis on January 15th.  So, if you’re still having a hard time finding one, this may be your chance.

For those of you interested in participating in the contest, pictures of my wife can be found below. Continue reading ‘First Mii Contest’


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