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Usually not a good decision

Unlike things related to Samuel Adams beer, which, if you believe their advertising, are always a good decision, last night I stayed up to “watch” the Pirates game against the Houston Astros after it went into extra innings, which was probably not a good decision. By “watching”, I mean following the game using’s Gameday feature, not actually watching the TV broadcast or even listening on the radio.

Anyway, the game started at 8:05 and went 15 innings, finally ending after 1am. Going into the top of the 9th, the Pirates were losing 3-2 until Xavier Nady ripped a pinch-hit solo home run to tie the game. For the next 5 innings neither team scored, although the Astros loaded the bases in the 10th and 13th with 1 and 2 outs, respectively. In each case, the Pirates’ pitchers were able to get out of the jam, giving the offense a couple of chances to do some damage. In the top of the 15th, they did their damage, starting with a 3-run homer by Adam LaRoche and followed up by a Carlos Maldonado sacrifice fly and an RBI-single by Jose Castillo. With a 5-run cushion, it seemed like the game was in the bag until Shane Youman loaded the bases with no outs in the bottom half of the inning. However, he was able to secure the win by striking out 3 consecutive batters, the first two of which he struck out on full counts.

Raise the Jolly Roger and let me sleep in!


Always a good decision

Yesterday, I went with my brother-in-law, Rob, and his friend, Andrew, to an open house at the Sam Adams brewery in Jamaica Plain.  Rob was in town visiting and wanted to go on a tour, but none of the tour times fit our schedule.  However, Rob found that there was an open house in the evening that worked for us.  So, we took the T to the Stony Brook stop and walked a couple of blocks to the brewery.  There each of us got our hands stamped and were given 4 tickets, each of which was good for a free beer (~7 oz.) sample.  They had 5 beers available: Boston Lager, Summer Ale, Dunkelweiss, Old Fezziwig Ale, and Mayflower Ale.  I had both the Dunkelweiss and Fezziwig once and the Mayflower twice.  Not bad for a free event.  The one caveat is that you need reservations, which can be made on their website.  These events are held about once a month, so if you live in the area or you’ll be in town, you should definitely check this out.  It’s always a good decision.


The power of a picture

I decided the other day that I should really have a camera on my person at all times.  This is because I often see things that are funny and/or somehow noteworthy that I think would make a good blog post.  Unfortunately, simply explaining what I saw is generally not that funny or interesting.  However, if I had a picture of the funny/noteworthy item, the post could be much better.  For example, this whole line of thought was prompted by an experience I had last Saturday when Heather and I were out on a date and Elizabeth was at home with a babysitter.  We went to John Harvard’s, a local brewpub.  On their beer menu, they list a couple of attributes of their beers – the specific gravity and the alcohol by volume and maybe a couple of others.  According to the menu, one of their recent specials had 78.1% alcohol by volume.  That’s 156 proof!  This was obviously a typo.  Anyway, I found myself saying, “Man, I wish I had a camera to take a picture of this menu!”  It’s somewhat funny when recounted in text, but it would be much funnier if I had a picture to show you.

To illustrate this further, I could tell you that my tennis rating in Wii Sports is now off the chart that is used to display a person’s rating.  This is not that funny.  However, when I say this and add the following picture, it is much funnier:


If I weren’t a poor graduate student, I might buy myself a camera phone or a really slim digital camera to have with me all the time.  Alas, I am a poor graduate student, so I’ll just have to come to terms with not being able to photograph everything I see that I think would be great for my blog.  Oh well.


A baseball game I wish I had experienced (from a distance)

When the same thing comes up in two distinct contexts it’s often worth taking notice. Today, I happened upon references to one particular 1974 baseball game in two different places. This game sounds like it would have been an experience to behold, so I thought I should write about it. Let me explain how this unfolded.

Heather has a Cleveland Indians shirt that she got for signing up for a credit card while attending a game at Jacob’s Field in Cleveland 5 or 6 years ago. The Indians’ mascot is printed on the back of the shirt and Elizabeth was asking us today what the mascot’s name is. We didn’t know, so I looked to Wikipedia for an answer. On the Cleveland Indians’ Wikipedia page I found a reference to a game known as “Ten Cent Beer Night”, which was described by the author as “ill-conceived”. This was interesting, but I still had not found the name of the Indians’ mascot, so, prompted by urgent pleas from Elizabeth I searched further, leaving any exploration of “Ten Cent Beer Night” for another time.

Tonight, I was reading The Official Rules of Baseball: An Anecdotal Look at the Rules of Baseball and How They Came To Be. One section describes the various responsibilities a home team has and how the failure to fulfill those responsibilities can lead to the home team’s forfeiture of the game. One of the responsibilities of the home team is to provide an adequate police presence to enforce order during the game. If the fans become unruly and venture onto the field, the visiting team can refuse to play. At this point, the home team and the police have at most 15 minutes to restore order or they forfeit the game. As an example of a game in which fan unruliness led to the home team’s forfeiture, the author describes “Ten Cent Beer Night” – the 2nd reference today to this game that happened more than 30 years ago. I figured this time I should look into it.

While the book provides some information on the event, I turned again to Wikipedia for more details. It turns out that there is a Wikipedia article dedicated just to this game. You can read it for yourself here. You should really read it. After you’ve read that, you can follow the link to the article on Disco Demolition Night – another game that ended in the home team’s forced forfeiture due to fan unruliness. There have been some crazy games in the history of baseball but I think these two rank right up there at the top.


A recent acquisition

The 5L Heineken Mini-KegMany of you may know that I spent a year in Germany between finishing my undergraduate degree and beginning my graduate studies. While I was there, I developed a taste for German beers, particularly double bocks and other heavy beers. However, in the summer, I can’t drink beers like that; I need something lighter and more refreshing. The last summer or two, my beer of choice has been Heineken. Over the weekend, I was in a local liquor store and found a 5L Heineken mini-keg. They also had mini-kegs from Warsteiner and Becks, but those had a spigot at the bottom – sort of like wine from a box. The Heineken has a tap at the top and the beer is pressurized. The first pint or two were a little foamy but after that, the tap worked very nicely. So, if you’d like beer from a keg without having to buy a kegerator and a huge keg, see if your local liquor store has any Heineken mini-kegs on hand. They’re great for parties, or, since they stay good for up to 30 days after tapping, they’re fine for personal consumption as well.


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