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New Tripod

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and in the weeks leading up to it, I spent some time trying to fill out my wish list on Amazon.  I would like to briefly plug their universal wish list button – you can add it to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar and then add anything you find on any website to your wish list.  That’s pretty handy.

Anyway, I have wanted a sturdy tripod for a while.  After a lot of looking, I decided that I wanted a ball head since I had grown tired of having to adjust two or three knobs in order to get my composition right.  I settled on the Manfrotto 322RC2. It seemed like it would allow incredibly fast composition changes and would be very comfortable to use.  So, that found its way onto my wish list.

By pooling together money I got for my birthday I was able to get the 322RC2 head with the Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod legs.  I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to use everything yet but so far I really like it.  The ball head is so nice.  It is super easy to change your composition, very quick, and it locks solidly into place.  The legs are big – if I extend the legs fully, the eyepiece of the camera is at eye level without raising the center column at all.  This is great because it maximizes stability and gives me some freedom to play around with shots that might require the camera to be above my eye level.

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This is sweet

Since mid-summer one of my on-going interests has been getting my contact info, calendar, and to-do list systems set up in a way that helps me be more productive and not miss important events or responsibilities.  I’ve been gradually populating my contacts list on my Google account and for close friends and relatives I’ve been trying to enter birthdays and anniversary dates so I can remember to send people an email or e-card on their special day(s).  However, up until now actually getting a reminder about the event required some tedious work.  This is because entering a person’s birthday in my contact list did nothing to remind me about it.  So, I had to manually enter birthdays and anniversaries into my Google calendar.  It seemed like there had to be a better way.

It turns out that there is a better way.  Google recently created a set of “interesting calendars” that can be added to your calendar.  This includes holidays, sports teams’ schedules, and other things.  Fortunately, one of the “other things” that they added was a calendar of birthdays pulled from your contact list.  This is exactly what I was looking for!  If you’re interested in using this yourself, the description of it is here – click on “more” for the information.  So far, it appears as though it’s not possible to get notifications about items on this calendar, however, people are asking for this feature in the forums, so I hope that it will be added soon.  In the meantime, simply having the birthday show up on my calendar is helpful enough.


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