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I’m fairly new to anything requiring a Google account.  I am a luddite and part-time tin-foil hat wearer, so I was reluctant to give Google access to any of my stuff.  However, they lured me with convenience.  Since signing up for a Gmail account, I’ve started keeping track of my time using Google Calendar.  I also now have a Google Voice number, a Google profile, and a feed of articles I’ve shared through Google Reader.

I only really started using Google Reader a few days ago, but I really like it.  I had tried various RSS readers in the past, but never got into them.  However, I really like the fact that I can share articles with other people and add my own commentary.  People can follow the resulting RSS feed from their own RSS reader or they can check out the feed in the sidebar right here on this blog.

So, while I probably won’t be writing full-blown posts every day, you can check my blog to see my tweets and articles I’ve shared through Google Reader.  I hope you enjoy them.

1 Response to “Google Reader”

  1. 1 ChrisS
    November 22, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    You’re so right. I’ve been on the Reader for two days, and it’s incredibly addicting.

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