Happy Birthday Rechner

My wife and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in August this year.  Since our wedding, we’ve resided in 3 different places and encountered numerous other changes.  However, one of the constants for most of that time has been our main desktop computer, which is called “Rechner” on the network.

I just checked my records and it shipped from Dell on September 5th, 2003.  We likely received it about a week later.  So, we’ve had it almost exactly 6 years.

Over the years, it has undergone quite a  few changes.  It’s a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 with a 800MHz front-side bus.  The processor, the motherboard, and the case are about the only components that are original but they have been a solid core around which to build.  A new graphics card required that I upgrade the power supply (now 500 W).  I expanded the RAM from 512MB to 1.5GB.  I’ve upgraded or swapped out hard drives a couple of times.  I’ve upgraded or swapped out optical drives a couple of times as well.  The floppy drive was replaced due to fatal dust intake but its replacement has also succumbed…

Despite the upgrades, the fact remains that it is a single core processor with an 800MHz FSB connecting to pretty slow RAM and it’s definitely showing its age in terms of performance.  When we finally retire it, it will likely find new life as a Linux machine for my daughter.  Until then, I expect it will continue to chug along like it has been doing almost uninterrupted for 6 years.  Thank you, Rechneer, you’ve served us well.

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