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Photoblog Take 2

In September 2007, I set up my first photoblog.  After about a year and half of existence and very little activity, I decided to pull the plug.  In its place now stands a better one.  Instead of using a photoblogging plug-in on top of WordPress like the last one, the new one uses PixelPost, which is a dedicated photoblogging platform.  I’m excited about this new photoblog for a number of reasons: Continue reading ‘Photoblog Take 2’


Beard Experiment 2009

This year I’ve been hearing a lot about people growing “winter beards”.  This got me thinking about growing a beard myself.  I’ve thought about it in the past, but I never followed through on it because I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t look good.  The times that I had gone a week or more between shaves had taught me that my facial hair is patchy.  I could get away with a goatee but I couldn’t count on my whiskers to cover my cheeks.

However, I couldn’t help wondering if I would be able to grow a good looking beard if I only gave the empty patches some time to fill in.  I had never had the fortitude in the past to keep on growing it out after a week or a week and half.  So, this year during my January term, I decided to try and see what it would look like.

I shaved on January 2nd in preparation for a wedding I was in on the 3rd.  Since then, I’ve only shaved my neck and some little patches at the tops of my cheeks.  Here’s the result after a little over a month of growth:


I think it looks pretty good from the front.  However, the sides leave a bit to be desired.  As you can see below, the patches didn’t really fill in all that well, even after a month. In addition, the beard doesn’t connect to my hair at all.  There is no way I could pull off any kind of sideburns.

Continue reading ‘Beard Experiment 2009’


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