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Another project complete

I had been having trouble figuring out where I could fit exercise into my routine. The problem is that I’m lazy and unless I make exercise really easy to work into my schedule, I won’t do it. I had tried a set of workout tapes we have but working out with Elizabeth around is really difficult. Plus, she has a routine of watching a show on TV starting at 7am, so if I wanted to use the TV without her around, I needed to wrap it up before 7am. The tapes are about 35 minutes and by the time you factor in a few minutes for me to wake up and get dressed I’d basically need to wake up at 6am, which just isn’t going to happen. However, I have an exercise bike and I like reading news websites in the morning, so I thought I could combine the two. After some planning, some purchases, and a lot of sweat (Really. It was really hot in our apartment.) I have a finished product.

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iPod upgrade

I got my iPod Mini in early 2004 and it’s been pretty solid since, though its relatively small storage capacity has been a source of frustration from time to time.  In the last year, however, the battery life really tanked.  Not only did it not play for long after being charged, but if I charged it up on Friday and didn’t use it all weekend, it would be totally dead on Monday morning.  That got pretty annoying.  So, I had been thinking about buying a new iPod.  I wanted something that had good battery life and large enough capacity to store almost my entire music catalog with some room to spare.  However, I didn’t like the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on a new iPod when my current iPod still basically worked.  So I decided to upgrade my Mini. Continue reading ‘iPod upgrade’


Back online

If you’re one of my, say, 3 regular readers, you probably noticed that the blog was down for the last few days.  On Thursday morning I flew to Pittsburgh for some meetings but before I left, I checked my server machine to see if it seemed safe to leave on for about 5 days with no one home.

Upon inspection, I discovered that the power supply fan had died.  The computer was still working but the fan in the power supply had given up the ghost.  It wasn’t too surprising, actually, since it had been chirping on and off for probably 2 years.  In fact, I had bought 2 replacement power supplies in July of 2006 just in case the existing power supply would fail – an occurrence that actually took a lot longer than I expected.  In any case, I discovered this problem about 15 minutes before the taxi was supposed to pick me up, so I had to just shut everything down.  After returning late on Monday night, I spent some time on Tuesday trying to get things fixed.  However, things weren’t quite as easy as I expected. Continue reading ‘Back online’


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