How you should spend July 3rd

Last summer, Heather and I got into watching a show on the USA cable network called “Burn Notice“.  It’s about a former spy who got “burned” by the government.  Essentially, that means that they deemed him to be a security threat, froze all his assets, cut off all his government contacts, and dumped him (alive) in Miami.  The show is about him trying to figure out who is responsible for his burn notice and how he can get unburned.  In the meantime, he uses his special training to do various jobs for various people in Miami.

It turns out that the show is really entertaining and might teach you a thing or two about spy skills.  A new season is beginning on July 10th.  However, tomorrow USA is having a marathon of all of last season’s episodes back to back to back…  All the fun starts at 6:30am and the last episode ends at 7pm.  So, head on out to the grocery store tonight and buy yourself lots of snacks for your 12 1/2 hour Burn Notice viewing.  Or, you could just set up your TiVo or MythTV to tape the whole thing.

4 Responses to “How you should spend July 3rd”

  1. 1 Jeff H.
    July 3, 2008 at 11:01 am

    nice! i watch usa a lot, mainly because of “Psych” (which is GREAT!!! and the new summer season is starting up soon, too) and “NCIS” re-runs. i’ve still got several episodes of Psych and NCIS in my “queue” that i’ve recorded with my DVR. very convenient, especially for times when i feel like sitting there and watching something – and fast-forwarding very fast through commercials, btw. speaking of shows, i’m gonna make sure to record this new show on cbs, “flashpoint,” which starts next friday i think, and it stars Amy Jo Johnson, who you might remember (or not, maybe it’s just me – ha) as the original pink ranger.

  2. 2 Colin
    July 3, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    Well, my attempt to record the entire season of Burn Notice today ran into an obstacle. For some reason, MythTV only recorded every other episode. I already had episodes 7-12, so I needed to record episodes 1-6. Unfortunately, MythTV only recorded episodes 1, 3, and 5, which leaves me without 2, 4, and 6. Fortunately, episodes 4 and 6 will be airing on July 10th. Episode 2, however, doesn’t appear to be airing any time in July. Perhaps I’ll be able to pick it up in August.

    In the meantime, the NoScript plugin I use with Firefox alerted me to the fact that usanetwork.com (where you can find info on Burn Notice) tries to load lots of stuff from nbcuni.com, which indicated to me that USA was owned by NBC. This led me to guess that Burn Notice might be available on Hulu. I was right. Every episode, including a number of interviews and other additional material. Sweet.

  3. 3 Colin
    July 3, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    @Jeff: Sorry, I don’t remember her. I hardly ever watched anything on CBS. I was always partial to NBC for some reason. That said, I really enjoyed “Wipeout” on ABC last Tuesday. It is hilarious.

  4. 4 Jeff H.
    July 7, 2008 at 10:43 am

    hahaha, nice. i remember seeing some of those most extreme elimnation challenge or whatever it was called shows with the english dubbing over the japanese – i think that’s what wipeout is based on, right? ah, yeah, power rangers was on… fox, i think. i forget when it started… around elementary school i guess. so you were probably getting ready for/in HS by then? :)
    “it’s morphin’ time!”
    black: “mastodon!”
    pink: “pterodactyl!”
    blue: “triceratops!”
    yellow: “sabre-toothed tiger!”
    red: “tyrannosaurus!”
    ok, this is NOT good that i somehow remember these…

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