It feels like Friday

Maybe some of you can relate to this: whenever I have something big to do – like a big deadline to meet or something like that – I always feel like it’s Friday when it’s over.

Today, I gave my first lecture to a class.  I’ve been a TA for a couple of classes before and I’ve held recitations in front of reasonably large groups of students before but I’ve never given the lecture for the professor.  Yesterday, the professor teaching the course I’m TAing  this semester asked me to give today’s lecture because he’s out of town with his daughter who is (possibly still in the process of) having a baby.  I had about 15 hours from his request to the start of lecture, during which time I had to prepare for lecture and squeeze in some sleep.  Anyway, I spent a lot of hours preparing and overall it went pretty well.  However, when I was done, it felt like Friday.  Too bad it’s only Wednesday.

1 Response to “It feels like Friday”

  1. 1 Jeff H.
    May 12, 2008 at 12:54 am

    dude, i know exactly what you mean!

    of course, i also have the problem of “cant-waiting” for Friday afternoon every single monday at around… 8am. terrible. haha.

    how’s the thesis writing? i’m going to assume you did NOT buy mlb.tv this year? :)

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