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Pirates win opening series

On Monday, the Pirates beat the braves 12-11 in 12 innings.  Yesterday, the Pirates got manhandled by the Braves, losing 10-2.  Today, the Pirates beat the Braves 4-3 in 10 innings.  Today’s win gives the Pirates the series victory and keeps them tied for the lead in the NL Central, along with the Brewers, the Reds, and the Cardinals.  Keep up the good work!


In search of the perfect ultraportable laptop

This year, the ultraportable market has seen a lot of action. The ultraportable that has been covered the most in the mainstream press is definitely the MacBook Air. However, Lenovo and Toshiba also introduced similar models recently. These machines offer nearly full-size keyboards, relatively large screens (13.3″, 13.3″, 12.1″, respectively), and each weighs 3 pounds or less. These laptops aim to provide a full computing experience in a small package, but that comes at a price: the cheapest is $1800.

I have heard it said that laptops can have only two of the following three attributes: full-featured, light, cheap. The Apple, Lenovo, and Toshiba ultraportables choose full-featured and light at the expense of, well, expense. However, it’s not really clear to me to whom these machines would appeal – they’re a little underpowered to use as a primary machine and they’re too expensive to buy as a secondary machine.

From my perspective, a better combination of attributes would be light and cheap, at the expense of full-featured. This obviously means that such computers would not aspire to be anyone’s primary computer. However, they would be affordable as secondary machines and much of what we do on computers does not require all of a computer’s features anyway. Thus, it seems to me that a sub-$500 laptop that was small and light and provided basic computing functions would find a large potential user base. Evidently, many computer manufacturers agree, as scarcely a week goes by but another computer manufacturer announces another small, cheap laptop.

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