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Toilet Woes

Yesterday around 7pm, Heather mentioned that our toilet was running and that it had started running at about 5pm or so. She said that jiggling the handle did nothing, so I looked into it further. What did I find? This:


Yes, that’s the float that was formerly attached to the water shutoff valve in our toilet tank – before the rod connecting the float to the valve snapped in half.  Obviously, years spent in a moist environment took their toll and it rusted into oblivion.  The bottom of the tank was covered in little rust flakes and not-so-little rust shards.So, we called the maintenance people (this is why I love renting) and someone came over like 3 hours later.  He showed up with only an adjustable wrench.  Obviously, that was not going to fix our problem.  So, he had to go back to their supply shop (which is on the other end of campus) and get a float valve assembly.  About an hour later he came back with the assembly and installed it.  During installation, however, he accidentally broke one of the also horribly rusted bolts securing the tank to the bowl.  So, he had to go back to the shop to get new bolts.  By this point, it was after midnight and the situation was becoming tiresome.

After returning with new bolts, he got the tank bolted onto the bowl, packed up his stuff and left.  I then went to put the lid back on the tank – but it didn’t fit!  The tank was now a little too close to the wall for the lid to fit on properly.  Since it was late, I decided to call it a night and worry about it in the morning.

This morning, I loosened the bolts and put a shim in between the tank and the wall in order to create enough space between them to allow the tank lid to fit on properly.  Shims are one of the most useful things ever invented.  Anyway, after an initially funny problem and a bunch of little problems along the way, we finally have our toilet problems resolved.



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