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Looking for more photography-related tips

In addition to soliciting suggestions on techniques and products for cleaning DSLR CCD/CMOS sensors, I also have a couple of other things I’d like help with.

1) I bought Adobe Lightroom with money I got for my birthday. I’m trying to learn how to use it. Has anyone used it and/or can anyone recommend useful books or web resources about how to use it effectively. It seems like most books on the subject are already outdated (i.e. pertain to version 1.0; I have 1.2) or are not good.

2) Pinhole photography. I’m interested in trying this out. I asked for a couple of extra body caps for Christmas so I might try my hand at making a pinhole “lens” or two. Are there practical considerations regarding the construction of a pinhole “lens”? Is it worth buying a set of different diameter pinholes, like this?  What about practical considerations when taking a picture using a pinhole camera?


Last chance for $90 Leopard

I don’t own a Mac.  I probably won’t ever own a Mac, though I can’t rule it out.  That said, I know that some people who read this are Mac users.  This is for you.

Micro Center has a $40 mail-in rebate on Mac OS 10.5 (aka Leopard).  This is about the best deal you can get on it.  The academic price is like $116, so this is even better than the discount that students and professors can get.  However, today is the last day for the rebate.  If you’re interested, go here to order it.


All clean

I had the CCD sensor on my K10D cleaned today.  I took it to Calumet, which is near our local mall and they cleaned it while I waited.  I’m glad to have it clean again because there was a really annoying “dark blob” that had appeared sometime in September that was ruining some of my shots.  Apparently, it was some kind of lubrication fluid or something that had gotten on the sensor.  The K10D has a nice sensor shake function that can shake dust off the sensor, but it doesn’t work for fluids.  Anyway, I’d like to avoid having to get my sensor cleaned professionally as much as possible, since it’s pretty expensive.  However, doing it myself is risky.  Without knowing what I’m doing, it would be pretty easy to scratch the sensor or damage the camera in some other way.  So, I’m looking for information on how to do it properly and what tools/supplies are best.  Any suggestions?


Flight Cancelled…

I flew to Pittsburgh on Thursday for a meeting in Ohio on Friday.  I was supposed to fly back to Boston today, but my flight was cancelled more than 3.5 hours before it was supposed to take off due to the weather in Boston.  My flight got rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 8:35 AM.  That’ll make for an early rise.  Good thing I get an extra hour of sleep tonight because of the time change.


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