Say “Yes” to Mike Schmid

To echo a recent post by my esteemed blogging colleague Pat Bird of the famed Urban Saddle, I thought I, too, would sing the praises of an album that I recently downloaded from eMusic.

My friend Jeff Miller, an excellent musician himself, introduced me to Mike Schmid while they were both students at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. I got a copy of a demo CD from Jeff and subsequently bought Mike’s debut album. A few years passed and I lost track of Mike, who had ostensibly taken a hiatus from recording. Anyway, not so long ago he came out with a new album titled “The High Cost of Living (A Love Story)”. I’ve listened to it quite a number of times now and I really like it. The album is full of great melodies and clever, thoughtful lyrics. It’s a little more on the electronica/trip-hop side of the rock and roll spectrum than most of the stuff I have, but the songwriting is excellent and the instrumentation works well with the songs. There are a number of really excellent songs on the CD and all the tracks are solid.

Anyway, if you’re an eMusic subscriber and you’re trying to figure out what to get this month, you owe it to yourself to check him out. If you’re not a eMusic subscriber, you can get his latest album at CDBaby. I know he would appreciate your support because in November, while he was on a tour through the southern US, his tour van and trailer caught fire and everything was destroyed – instruments, clothes, money, everything.

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