A disturbance in the force

Just a heads up for those of you who can’t live without my blog – it’s going to be intermittent at best over the next two days. Today I began the process of reinstalling Windows on my home computer (rechner). Actually, I was going to reinstall Windows on my machine, but in the end, I bought a new, larger hard drive and I’m installing Windows on it. Anyway, I normally use wireless to connect it to the network, but the wireless isn’t super reliable, so while I’m in the process of downloading service pack 2 and the myriad other security updates, I’m going to use wired ethernet. Unfortunately, we only have 1 ethernet port in our apartment and it is normally used to connect imladris (which hosts this blog) (Update: used to host this blog) to the network. So, while I’m in the process of installing stuff, I’m going to have to disconnect imladris from the network so I can use the ethernet port for rechner. This means my blog will be down until I get all that stuff finished. Sorry. I hope to have most of that work done by tomorrow evening. However, that’s not all. They’re shutting down our electricity on Monday in order to replace a transformer nearby, which is going to mean that the computer will be offline again for part of Monday. I think the power shutdown is only going to last an hour, so I’ll try to get the computer back up and running as soon as possible once the power’s back on. Anyway, I hope you’re all having a nice weekend.

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