Tonight, I pulled our computer desk away from the wall to investigate a funny noise emanating from one of our computers. I had known for a while that there was quite a bit of stuff under the desk, but I had avoided looking in detail because of the fearsome dust bunnies under there. However, since I had already pulled the desk out, tonight I decided to brave the dust bunnies and liberate all the stuff that had been under there. Here’s the list of items recovered:

  1. Creative Zen Nano Plus (MP3 Player)
  2. My old National City ATM card (Elizabeth likes to play with it)
  3. My old AOK Krankenkasse (HMO) card from Germany (see above)
  4. “Klear Kloth” Lint-free polishing cloth (in wrapper)
  5. A plastic ball (Elizabeth’s)
  6. A soft cloth ball that looks like a hacky-sack (ditto)
  7. A plastic donut (ditto)
  8. A rock Elizabeth brought in from the playground
  9. A penny
  10. Another penny
  11. A third penny
  12. A guitar slide
  13. A small barret
  14. A small container of Playdoh
  15. A huge Crayola marker
  16. A yellow highlighter
  17. A large Crayola crayon
  18. A small piece of a broken large Crayola crayon
  19. A hexagonal crayon of unknown origin
  20. A SD card holder
  21. A UConn Huskies baby bottle (missing lid)
  22. One stale teddy graham
  23. The lid to a marker of unknown whereabouts
  24. A card showing Noah’s ark (part of a children’s game)

While it was great to find all these things, I now have the onerous task of finding their correct locations. And, I still haven’t figured out exactly where that noise is coming from.

2 Responses to “Jackpot”

  1. 1 Your Wife
    January 17, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    Thank you, Colin, for taking on the dust bunnies! And thanks for the thorough documentation of your findings.

  2. January 18, 2007 at 10:15 am

    this is great. I love this. (laughing hysterically over here in Pgh.)

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