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First Mii Contest

After having the Wii in my possession for almost 3 weeks, I finally got to play it when my family and I celebrated Christmas on Dec. 22nd.  One of the first activities was creating Miis for myself, Heather and other family members.  I spent relatively little time on mine, but got a satisfactory result after probably only 10 minutes or so.


With mine complete, we moved on to Heather’s.  This proved to be much more difficult.  In fact, we have gone through probably 4 iterations and we’re still not all that happy with the result.  So, since we are having little success ourselves, we thought it would be a good idea to have the first subject in the Mii contest be Heather, whose chose her name on the Wii to mimic the name she uses when she posts comments on my blog, namely “Your Wife.”

I had mentioned before that there is a flash interface online for making Miis.  However, once I started using the editor on the Wii, I discovered that the flash interface provides much more customizability than the editor on the Wii.  So, in order to ensure that the Mii contest produces winners that can actually be used on the Wii, I will restrict entries to the contest to those created using the actual Mii editor on the Wii.  Perhaps this will provide impetus for those of you who want a Wii but haven’t yet purchased one to get out there and buy one.  Incidentally, this site reports that Best Buy will have a ton (eg. ~150 each) of Wiis on January 15th.  So, if you’re still having a hard time finding one, this may be your chance.

For those of you interested in participating in the contest, pictures of my wife can be found below. Continue reading ‘First Mii Contest’


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