My philosophy of gift-giving

As the deadline approaches for thinking of that great gift for friends or family, I thought I would pass along my thoughts on what makes a great gift:

  • Something that the recipient doesn’t NEED.  By buying something that is needed, you are essentially just paying for something that the person would have bought for him/herself anyway.  That’s no fun.
  • Something that you know/think the person would really enjoy but would probably never buy for him/herself.  This especially includes gifts that you know the recipient has been coveting but could never justify actually buying.

Thinking back to some of my favorite gifts or gifts that I know are favorites of my friends and family, I would say that most of them fit the above criteria.  Do you have any criteria to add?

3 Responses to “My philosophy of gift-giving”

  1. 1 Your Wife
    December 18, 2006 at 6:43 pm

    My only comment on #1 is that if there’s not much extra money floating around, someone might really not be able to buy something that they need, therefore making something they need what they would like as a gift. But in general, I like Colin’s criteria. He just got me a CD I would never have thought of getting myself but that I’m really excited about! (Colin is in the kitchen; I am in the “office”.)

  2. December 18, 2006 at 7:33 pm

    I like the ideas, big C. In fact, I recently just executed both ideas… So apparently, Nike has just come out with these “USA Legends” jerseys to celebrate/commemorate the 1992 Dream Team, the greatest team ever assembled for anything (yes, even better than the 1972 Dolphins, 1985 Bears, and our US military), and they are AWESOME and literally GOLDen. Not only are they well-made and fancy and all that good stuff, but the inside of the jerseys are lined with gold, and the scores of each of our guys’ dominating wins over the “competition” on our way to the gold are there as well. (I’ll send you a link to some of these pictures when I get back, but for now…) Anyway, I ventured out to the mall on Saturday (BAD idea w/the huge crowds, traffic, etc., but it was worth it), and stopped at the Champs Sports to see if they had any still in stock, and sure enough, they had the Dream Team jerseys in stock, and a lot in size small too, so i can actually wear it without it extending past my butt! Obviously, you can expect a high price, and sure enough, they were $80 each. $80! BUT, there was a sale! Buy any jersey from any sport and get any jersey from any sport for 1/2 off, so I bought a Team USA white Michael Jordan #9 jersey, and then a Team USA blue David Robinson #5 jersey. I almost got a blue Jordan, but gotta love the Admiral.

    Obviously, these jerseys were something I do NOT need. They are also something I would really enjoy but would never buy it for myself… Oh wait, I DID buy it for myself! YES! And of course, it’s not like I’m ever going to wear the jerseys while PLAYING bball, because 1) they are just too awesome to wear and play in and get all dirty and whatnot, and 2) I am obviously not worthy. But, I can wear it to “social events,” and by social events, I mean playing ball. Oh wait… doh! Apparently, I have no concept of “social events” EXCEPT for them to mean playing ball, babyyy! all right, i think it’s time to leave this train wreck of a monday…

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