Nintendo update

Just in case people aren’t totally sick of hearing about Nintendo stuff, I thought I’d provide an update.  On Saturday I beat Super Mario 64 on N64.  I’ve been playing it for awhile, collecting stars, and on Saturday I finally got the minimum number of stars required to face the final boss.  There are a total of 120 stars in the game and 70 are required before you can face Bowser to win the game.  It took me a long time to beat him, but I finally did.  I’m still interested in collecting as many stars as I can, but it was satisfying to beat the game.

In other news, after a lot of searching online, I finally managed to track down an extra Wii Remote.  They’re sold out pretty much everywhere.  On Sunday, I found that WalMart.com had them, but I waited around, debating whether I should go ahead and buy one.  Because the Wii is going to be a gift, I felt like maybe I shouldn’t buy one and just wait until after Christmas.  However, a couple of hours after I discovered that Walmart.com had them, I refreshed the page and it said they were out of stock.  So, that was a bust.  However, it convinced me that I should go ahead and order one if I could find one, since the chance of me finding one in a store around Christmas was basically zero.

So, yesterday, I looked around on a bunch of websites.  Best Buy was out of them.  Circuit City didn’t have them.  Newegg said they were expecting them, but when I checked back later in the day, it said they were out of stock.  Target didn’t have them.  I could buy them through GovConnection for like $38 instead of $40, but they won’t ship for another 2 weeks or so.  There were a bunch of sketchy online stores that had them, but they charged like $20 for shipping.  Some of the stores allow you to sign up for an email alert that they’ll send you when they get them back in stock, so I signed up for a couple of those.  I got an alert that Amazon had them yesterday, but it turns out that it was actually one of Amazon’s partners and they cost like $48 instead of $40, so I decided to hold off.  Then, last night, I checked Amazon again and Amazon itself had them for $40, so I pulled the trigger and ordered one.  That’ll complement the Nunchuck controller I got when I bought the system.

Ideally, I’d like to get 3 extra controllers, but they’re $40 each, so if I ordered 3 of them, that’d cost $120, which is pretty steep.  That said, I wanted to get at least one extra controller so that when I’m at home over Christmas my family and I will be able to play games together.  I think my parents and I will be celebrating Christmas on the 22nd, so I have only 10 days to wait!

3 Responses to “Nintendo update”

  1. 2 Colin
    December 12, 2006 at 1:11 pm

    We’re celebrating Christmas on the 25th at Heather’s house, so we had to pick a different day to celebrate with my parents. We want to go to the Kroghs’ house on the 24th so we’ll already be there for the morning of the 25th and we wanted a whole uninterrupted day to celebrate with each family, so Heather had suggested the 23rd as the day we would celebrate Christmas with my family. However, yesterday, my mom suggested the 22nd so that we would all have more time to play with our toys. It seems like it’s cheating, but it was suggested by a parent, so it must be ok, right?

  2. December 13, 2006 at 7:20 pm

    so w/the acquistion of the wii, how is the re-search coming along? :)
    btw, i failed yet again this M and W to get up at 4:20am for bball… did i ever tell you i made it in for the first time last F? well, this F, I’m gonna give it another go. I think I’m batting .100 now in terms of getting up to go play… (sigh)

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