The early bird gets the worm.

If you’ve been following my Wii posts, you’ll know that it has been agreed upon that I am getting a Wii for Christmas. However, as I noted before, actually finding a Wii to buy at a reasonable price is not easy. So, I watched various websites with information on the Wii in order to figure out which stores would be getting them and when. From the websites I saw, it looked like Sunday, December 3rd would be when it all went down. The preceding night I called around and, from talking to various stores, it seemed like the Circuit City in Somerville was the most promising. It sounded like they had lots of units and a plan for how to deal with the situation in an orderly fashion. So, I set my alarm clock for 4:30am and tried to go to sleep. Eventually, I succeeded.

At 4:30, I got up, showered, got dressed in many layers of warm clothes, ate a piece of bread, and headed out. Heather had gotten up and made me some coffee, so I brought that, along with some directions I had printed out from Google maps. The directions turned out to be completely worthless because I wound up wasting at least 20 minutes taking multiple wrong turns. The coffee wasn’t worthless, but I was getting frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t take anything but tiny sips from my travel mug. I didn’t worry too much about the coffee, however, because I was freaking out that all my planning and my early rise would be for nothing due to the delay from all these wrong turns. As it turned out, when I got to Circuit City at a little before 5:30, the line was still short. When I parked my car, I also discovered that I had been drinking my coffee out of the vent hole in the lid, rather than the intended drinking hole. It was early… Anyway, when I got in line, the guy in front of me told me that a sign on the door indicated that they had 43 units and that they would be handing out vouchers at 8:15am. So, I had almost 3 hours to wait in line, but barring any unforeseen circumstances, I was getting a Wii.

At about 8:30 they came out and handed out vouchers. I got number 10. At that point they informed us that they would be calling groups of 5 by voucher number into the store to buy their Wiis at 9am. The store normally opens at 10am on Sunday, so they were shaking up the normal order of things to accommodate Wii buyers. At a little after 9, they called in the first group. It seemed like it took a long time before the first guy came back out of the store with his Wii. When he did though, applause broke out among those of us still standing in line. His victory was emblematic of our own impending victory. A few minutes later, they called in the second group – my group.

Inside was a sight to behold. Behind the checkout area was a large stack of Wii boxes, each with a voucher attached to it to match the vouchers that were handed out outside. In addition, they had all their Wii accessories and games collected right behind the checkout, so you basically just walked up to the cashier, gave him your voucher and told him what accessories or games you wanted and you were all set. It was a well-oiled machine. I got the system and a nunchuck controller. If they had had any Wii remotes, I would have gotten one of those, but they were sold out.

So, I got my Wii. As it turned out, I could have shown up as late as 7am and still gotten a Wii, but there was no way for me to predict that. I don’t regret getting up that early. In fact, I enjoyed chatting with people in line and seeing the sunrise. This was my second experience standing in line for a Wii and I enjoyed both. It’s not that often that total strangers can carry on an enjoyable conversation for more than 2 hours, but that’s what happened with me both times. It was also interesting to see the demographics. People were older than I would have initially expected. It wasn’t at all uncommon for people in line to be married and some had children. I think a lot of married men are interested in the Wii because they hope that the system’s intuitive controls will appeal to their wives and thus present an opportunity for the couple to play games together. I have to say that I’m looking forward to playing the Wii with Heather and my daughter as well. Now I just have to wait until Christmas to get started.

2 Responses to “The early bird gets the worm.”

  1. 1 Your Wife
    December 5, 2006 at 9:09 am

    I’m wondering for what else you will get up at 4:30 in the morning….

  2. December 5, 2006 at 5:46 pm

    very nice, sir. very nice, indeed.

    you should hear about my multiple attempts to get up at 4:15am on MWF’s these last 2.5 weeks to go play pick-up bball at Willow Creek Church from 5-8am… some of the stories are truly tragic, so tragic, that they’re… tragic. but TONIGHT, i will go to sleep before 9pm again, and i WILL wake up Wed. morning at arond 4:15am!!! …finally taking a small, little step toward playing as much ball as possible (bball, football, softball), all the way to the grave!!!

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