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Wii are the champions…

This past Sunday was the launch of the new Nintendo Wii and my friend Scott and I planned to go out and wait in line to get one. You can read my description of our experiences by clicking on “more” below.
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Giving thanks for short work weeks

It’s only Tuesday and by the end of the work day today, I’ll be 2/3 of the way finished with the current work week. That’s awesome. I’m not really specifically looking forward to Thanksgiving, but I love the fact that we get 2 days off. So, on Thanksgiving, I know what I’ll be giving thanks for – a short work week!


Be Still Please

When I was in high school, I was really into the North Carolina (read: Chapel Hill) indie rock music scene.  In fact, for a while I seriously considered going to UNC for college just so I could see lots of good concerts.  During my infatuation with the Chapel Hill scene I was really into Superchunk and a side project of the lead singer of Superchunk, Mac McCaughan.  His project, Portastatic, was sort of an outlet for slower, more introspective songs that didn’t fit the mid-’90s Superchunk mold.  After his 1997 album The Nature of Sap, I lost track of Portastatic and we went our separate ways.  I traded my indie rock for book learnin’ and hours listening to music for hours studying in the library.

Fast forward 9 years.

Two months ago, in a hurried attempt to use all my eMusic downloads before they expired, I downloaded Portastatic’s 2005 release Bright Ideas, which, it turns out, is pretty good.  With my renewed interest in Portastatic, the following month I downloaded the newly released Be Still Please, which is an outstanding record.  I have been listening to it a lot today and I love it.  I think its appeal extends beyond the devotedly indie, to people who were brought up on straight-ahead rock.  I think it’s just a very solid album, with something to offer every type of music fan.  You should check it out, even if my pastor didn’t mention it by name in his sermon last week.


Sordid Sentinels

I got an email today from eMusic about some albums they just added to their catalog. One of the new titles is Pavement‘s Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels Edition. The appearance of this CD was news to me. I’m not surprised by it, since Matador released anniversary editions of Slanted and Enchanted (:Luxe and Redux) and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (:L.A.’s Desert Origins), but I hadn’t been aware that one was in the works.

Basically, these anniversary editions consist of the original album plus a bunch of extra material from the period during which the CD was written and recorded. This can involve B-sides from singles, Peel sessions, songs from obscure compilations, and, of course, some live tracks. On average, these anniversary editions contain about 35 songs in addition to the original album, which is generally in the vicinity of 15 songs. Finally, in addition to offering many previously unreleased or rare tracks, these CDs are priced for the miserly among us – the new album can be had from Amazon for a mere $13, though if you head to your local Borders, you might end up having to pay the $19 list price.

If you’re still not sure and feel you need a little further motivation to buy this CD, you might be interested to know that the pastor of my church used the phrase “Wowee Zowee” from the pulpit in last Sunday’s sermon. You may interpret this as you see fit.


Three reasons I wish I owned an XBox

These are the new Burger King games coming out on Nov. 19th, for $3.99 apiece at Burger King restaurants.*

*With the purchase of any value meal.  Limited time only.  While supplies last.  Price and participation may vary.


The Mother Lode (part 2)

As promised, I got my 6 rolls of film processed. It worked out to be 167 images. Unfortunately, one of the pictures I was most excited to get back didn’t make it. I guess I was trying to squeeze in too many pictures at the end of the roll or something. Anyway, in spite of not getting that shot, I did get a number of pictures that I like a lot. There are a lot of pictures of my daughter, which may not be interesting to people other than my family. However, I do also have a lot pictures that should be interesting to everyone.

I’ve learned some things from these pictures. First off, the color I get indoors using artificial lighting is not good. Second, I need to adhere better to the 1/3:2/3 rule for composing images. I have a few images where the subject is right in the middle and it doesn’t look good. Anyway, if you’re interested in sharing your impressions of my pictures, I would be interested in hearing your opinion.

Today, in addition to getting my pictures developed, I also picked up a 36-exposure roll of Velvia 100. It is apparently, the “new” Velvia, which doesn’t have as highly saturated colors as the “old” Velvia. I’m not really in a position to make a judgment either way.

The six newly developed rolls of film can be viewed here: 1 2 3 4 5 6
The whole collection of pictures I’ve taken with my Pentax K1000 can be found here.


The Mother Lode

As I mentioned in previous posts, I got a fully manual SLR camera around the end of the summer. The purpose of getting this camera was to use it to learn how to take good pictures manually, so if I got a digital SLR I wouldn’t just use it as a large, glorified point and shoot camera. Anyway, I’ve really been enjoying taking pictures, although I suspect this has been a source of frustration to my wife because I’m always stopping to take pictures when we’re out on walks, etc. I guess the hope is that the enjoyment of looking at the pictures once they’re developed outweighs the annoyance of having to wait around for me to take the pictures. Well, this weekend, the payoff will come. I have 6 rolls of film that I have to get developed and I think I’m going to get them developed this weekend. I have 3 Fuji ISO400 24-exposure rolls, 1 Kodak ISO400 36-exposure roll, 1 Kodak ISO200 24-exposure roll and 1 Kodak ISO400 C41 B&W roll to get developed.

Getting the pictures back should be interesting – I’m especially looking forward to getting back the black and white roll. Anyway, I’ll be getting back over 150 prints. I’ll try to get them on CD so I can post them to my SLR photography gallery. I’ll post again once I’ve posted the pictures.

Now that I’ve exhausted my reserve of film, I have to buy some new film.  I’m thinking about getting some Velvia 100 slide film because Adrian can’t stop himself from raving about it any time the conversation turns to types of film.  A friend of mine just shot a roll of Kodak Ektachrome 64.  He got some beautiful pictures, but that stuff is like $12/roll, so I think I’ll give the Velvia a try this time around (or maybe I’ll get a couple more rolls of B&W).  My friend also recently managed to track down a publicly available (well, to MIT students, anyway) Nikon film/slide scanner, so I should have no trouble posting the pictures I take on slide film in the future.


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