Be Still Please

When I was in high school, I was really into the North Carolina (read: Chapel Hill) indie rock music scene.  In fact, for a while I seriously considered going to UNC for college just so I could see lots of good concerts.  During my infatuation with the Chapel Hill scene I was really into Superchunk and a side project of the lead singer of Superchunk, Mac McCaughan.  His project, Portastatic, was sort of an outlet for slower, more introspective songs that didn’t fit the mid-’90s Superchunk mold.  After his 1997 album The Nature of Sap, I lost track of Portastatic and we went our separate ways.  I traded my indie rock for book learnin’ and hours listening to music for hours studying in the library.

Fast forward 9 years.

Two months ago, in a hurried attempt to use all my eMusic downloads before they expired, I downloaded Portastatic’s 2005 release Bright Ideas, which, it turns out, is pretty good.  With my renewed interest in Portastatic, the following month I downloaded the newly released Be Still Please, which is an outstanding record.  I have been listening to it a lot today and I love it.  I think its appeal extends beyond the devotedly indie, to people who were brought up on straight-ahead rock.  I think it’s just a very solid album, with something to offer every type of music fan.  You should check it out, even if my pastor didn’t mention it by name in his sermon last week.

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