Act Now! Before it’s too late!

I have posted before about how eMusic is a great place to get music from non-major labels. They have music from many popular indie labels like Matador and Merge and they have a lot of other music on more obscure jazz and folk labels. They’re also always adding new stuff – recently they added some of the enormous Smithsonian Folkways Recordings catalog. Not only can you find tons of great stuff on eMusic, it’s cheap. However, I got an email recently informing me that they are changing their pricing structure on November 21st. Before Nov. 21st, their prices are as follow:

eMusic Basic: 40 songs/month for $10.00 ($0.25 per song)
eMusic Plus: 65 songs/month for $15.00 ($0.23 per song)
eMusic Premium: 90 songs/month for $20.00 ($0.22 per song)

However, after Nov. 1st, the pricing structure will be as follows:

eMusic Basic: 30 songs/month for $10.00 ($0.33 per song)
eMusic Plus: 50 songs/month for $15.00 ($0.30 per song)
eMusic Premium: 75 songs/month for $20.00 ($0.267 per song)

Even after the new pricing structure kicks in, eMusic will still be MUCH cheaper than all the other online music stores, not to mention the fact that their music comes in the form of high bit-rate MP3s with no DRM. However, if you subscribe before Nov. 21st, you can lock in the cheaper, old pricing structure. So, if any of you were contemplating subscribing, this might give you the motivation you were lacking.

If you do decide to join up, send me an email or leave me your email address in a comment and I’ll send you an invitation email. If you sign up using the link in the email I send you, I’ll get a bunch of free downloads, which would be oh-so-sweet.

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