On the cusp of mythical greatness

I spent a good chunk of tonight working on setting up MythTV on a computer I was given over the summer.  One of my officemates had an old (but not that old – P4 2.0GHz) Dell that he said he never used and didn’t need anymore.  I had been toying with the idea of building a personal video recorder (PVR) on the cheap for a while, but “on the cheap” was never cheap enough to fit my budget.  By the time you add up the case, the power supply, the motherboard, the processor, the RAM, the (hopefully large) hard drive, the DVD Burner, and, let’s not forget, the TV tuner card, you’ve got a pretty expensive bill of materials.  However, when my officemate offered me his computer, I jumped at the chance to take him up on his offer – it changed my whole cost model.

Anyway, I got a good deal on a big hard drive, RAM and a DVD burner from Microcenter.  Then, I got a decent deal on a Hauppage WinTV-PVR350 from some outfit in New York.  This was a few months ago.  Finally, today, I stuck the card in the computer case and got to work.  A friend of mine had advised me to look into KnoppMyth because he said it greatly simplified the whole installation process.  So, I downloaded the latest CD iso image, burned it to CD and started installing.  Not everything is fully set up yet, but I can watch live TV.  The picture and sound are fine and the output through the tuner card’s S-video out works.  Now, I just need to get it to properly download the program guide, properly recognize all the channels on our local cable system, and properly respond to the remote control.  Hopefully, I can get all that stuff working this weekend.

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