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Pirates win, take series from Dodgers

These West Coast games are killing me. It’s after 1am here and I’m still up. But, it was worth it. The Pirates beat the Dodgers tonight, surviving a nail-biter bottom of the ninth.

By winning tonight, the Pirates claim the series victory and look toward a sweep. Does this sound familiar?  The Pirates are now 65-87 (.428) for the season and 35-27 (.565) since the All-Star Break.

A little less than a month ago, I outlined various scenarios for how the Pirates’ season could end up.  At the time, I was very pleased with their performance, since their record was at .526 since the All-Star Break.  I’m happy to say that their record has improved.  As noted above, they are now .565 since the All-Star Game.  Amazingly, they are .700 in their last 20 games, which is made all the more extraordinary by the fact that many of the Pirates’ recent wins have come against very good teams, like the Mets and the Dodgers.  As I noted in a previous post, it is now impossible for the Pirates to have a 100-loss season.  Tonight’s win made it likewise impossible for the Pirates to end the season with a win percentage lower than .400.  The worst they can do is .401 if they lose all 10 of their remaining games.

One suggestion I got in the comments to the post mentioned above was that the Pirates might keep up their then-.526 2nd-half win percentage for the rest of their games this season.  In the 24 games since that post, the Pirates have lost only 9 times, leaving them with a win percentage during that span not of .526, but transposing the digits, .625.

Anyone in Pittsburgh still paying attention to the Pirates must be encouraged by the performance of the team.  First of all, it’s exciting to see your team win – especially against tough competitors.  Secondly, it bodes very well for next year.  I feel like we have a core of good, young players who could make the Pirates competitive next year.

Finally, tonight Freddy Sanchez extended his lead in the NL batting title by going 4 for 5.  His average now stands at .346, compared to Cabrera’s mark of .338.  With only 10 more games left in the season, Freddy has a very solid chance of winning the batting title this year.


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