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Weekend Update

To atone for hardly posting at all last week, I’m posting thick and fast this weekend. On to the first item:

Pirates sweep Mets. What can I say? I love it. The Pirates are now 63-87 (.420) for the season and 33-27 (.550) since the All-Star Break.

In other news, I had my first 3 rolls of film taken with my “new” Pentax K1000 developed today. I got the pictures on a CD, so I can share them with you. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with them. The color isn’t that great and varies a lot in different lighting conditions. I’ll have to learn how to deal with that better. Also, the second roll has strange light-colored bands which are pretty distracting in some pictures. I think I rewound the film in the wrong direction on that roll. Could that be responsible for my problems? I didn’t get that problem on any of the other rolls, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the camera. Anyway, my pictures will be here probably some time later tonight.

I went to MIT’s “Swapfest” today with my friend Scott. This event is generally either called Swapfest or “Flea @ MIT” in the signage that the sponsoring group posts. My wife and Scott’s wife have come up with their own names for it, like “Nerdfest” and “Geekmart”. Whatever you choose to call it, it takes place on the 3rd Sunday of each month April through October. This month I got what is probably the coolest thing ever made: a Telex Caramate 4000.


What you see above is a slide projector with a built-in viewing screen.  Opening or closing the little door above the screen controls whether the image is projected on the built-in screen or on an external screen or wall.  Not only that, it has a cassette player, remote control, and microphone, so you can host the most awesome slideshow viewing event in history, complete with mix-tape soundtrack and narration by microphone. Now that I have a slide projector, I’m going to get some slide film – maybe the Fuji Velvia that Adrian can’t stop talking about – shoot some slides and host some awesome slideshow nights.


A slight upgrade

In a couple of previous posts I’ve talked about how I bought a Pentax K1000. It finally came earlier this week. The seller on eBay had asked me if I wanted her to include a camera bag that she had lying around, primarily for shipping purposes. I said, “Sure, why not?”. When the package arrived, I understood why she asked. Here’s a picture of the bag:


Today, I visited Calumet, a local camera store, with my friend Dan and found myself a replacement. It’s a Tamrac Velocity 7. It’s a nice little bag. It fits my K1000 body, plus my 50mm and 135mm lenses nicely. I think it probably has room for the 28mm or 24mm lens I hope to buy soon. I may also look into getting a zoom lens to give me up to 300mm. I think the bag should accommodate that as well. Anyway, a picture is below.


So far, I’ve taken 2 rolls of Fuji color print film with my camera. I think I’ll try to get them developed tomorrow. Once I get it developed and scanned, I’ll post a link to the location of the pictures. I think I got a lot of nice shots in the two rolls I’ve taken. I hope they turn out well.


Pirates win series against Mets, look for sweep

I love late-inning dramatics and today’s Pirates game had just enough. The Pirates and Mets were tied at two apiece after 8 1/2 innings of solid pitching. In the bottom of the 9th Jason Bay struck out and Xavier Nady grounded out, leaving Joe Randa at the plate. He drew a walk from Mets pitcher Aaron Heilman, bringing Ronnie Paulino to the plate. After Paulino’s first swing the Mets announcers started talking about the problems with Paulino’s swing – how he opens up his front shoulder too quickly. Paulino responded to this criticism by drilling a line drive off the wall in deep left-center, bringing in the winning run. His hit sealed the series win for the Pirates and prevented the Mets from clinching the NL East pennant for a second straight night. You can say that I’m mean, but I loved watching the game and seeing all the disappointed Mets fans in the stands at PNC Park. Welcome to Pittsburgh.

The Pirates’ victory tonight leaves them 62-87 (.416) on the season and 32-27 (.542) since the All-Star Break. Since they have 87 losses and only 13 more games to play this season, they need only one more win between now and October 1st to avoid the dreaded 100 loss season. I think they can pull it off.  The series win against the Mets marks the 10th series win (out of 18) the Pirates have had since the All-Star Break, including series sweeps of the Giants, Cubs, and Cardinals.

In other news, one of my fantasy players, Chone Figgins, hit for the cycle tonight. This comes only days after the Rangers’ Gary Matthews Jr. hit for the natural cycle in Thursday’s game against the Tigers.


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