Red Sox lose, Pirates back to last place

Today, I went to the Red Sox game against the White Sox. Since both teams are affectionately referred to as just “the Sox” by their fans, it was certain that the Sox were going to win. Tonight, the winning Sox were White. The game was one-sided from the beginning. Jim Thome got the scoring started with a towering homer into the bullpen. Later in the game, Jermaine Dye hit a homer over the Green Monster. The only run the Red Sox scored came on a solo home run by Coco Crisp. In the end the White Sox outscored the Red Sox 8-1 and outhit the Red Sox 14-4. Apart from a nice diving catch by Mike Lowell and a couple of decent catches by Trot Nixon on the warning track, there weren’t too many exciting defensive plays to add life to the game. It was fun to go to a game, but after the 3rd inning, there wasn’t really any doubt who was going to win.

Despite the Red Sox’ weak performance tonight, I wasn’t too disappointed. That’s mostly because I’m not really a big Red Sox fan anymore. In 2004 I was. In 2005 I was to an extent, though by that time my interest in the Pirates was growing. This year, I don’t really pay any attention to the Red Sox and the Pirates are the only team I follow closely.

Speaking of the Pirates, I regret to say that their tenure in 5th place in the NL Central was short-lived. After winning yesterday, boosting their win percentage to .403 and sending the Cubs to last place in the division, the Pirates find themselves back in familiar territory after today’s loss: last place in the division again. Fortunately, the loss did not send the Pirates back below .400, rather, they are now sitting at precisely .400. In addition, if they can win tomorrow, they can retake the half-game lead on the Cubs they had yesterday. Let’s hope they can win the series with the Cubs and say goodbye to last place for good!

1 Response to “Red Sox lose, Pirates back to last place”

  1. 1 Jeff
    September 7, 2006 at 2:04 pm

    True… though personally, I call the White Sox the Good Guys, just like Ken The Hawk Harrelson. Glad to hear you got to go to the game! Have you been able to hear Hawk’s great home run calls yet?

    “That ball hit hard!
    (Variation 1) Stretch, stretch!
    (Variation 2) WAYYY BACK!
    (insert OF’s name or simply “he” or “they”) looks up, you cannnnn put it on the boaaaaarrrrrd, Y-YES!!!” (where the “Y-YES” coincides with DJ’s “Y-YES”)

    And if the ball was a big time monster and/or clutch shot, you can bet on a “MERCY!”

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