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Pittsburgh outhits the Mets but comes up short

Today the Pirates outhit the Mets 11-6 but still lost the game 5-7. This drops the Pirates to 29-58 on the season for a .333 win percentage. While .333 is good as a batting average, it is not good as a win percentage. In fact, this is now the worst record in Major League Baseball. The perennially worst team in the majors, the Kansas City Royals, won tonight, improving their record to 30-54 for a .357 win percentage. Oh, Pittsburgh…
A few days ago I asserted that the Pirates probably led the league in 1-run losses. I was right. An article on the other day mentioned that not only do they lead the league this year in 1-run losses, they set the all-time record for 1-run losses by this point in the season for any major league team ever. Dear Kevin McClatchy, please spend some money to get the Pirates some starting pitchers who were born before 1980.


A recent acquisition

The 5L Heineken Mini-KegMany of you may know that I spent a year in Germany between finishing my undergraduate degree and beginning my graduate studies. While I was there, I developed a taste for German beers, particularly double bocks and other heavy beers. However, in the summer, I can’t drink beers like that; I need something lighter and more refreshing. The last summer or two, my beer of choice has been Heineken. Over the weekend, I was in a local liquor store and found a 5L Heineken mini-keg. They also had mini-kegs from Warsteiner and Becks, but those had a spigot at the bottom – sort of like wine from a box. The Heineken has a tap at the top and the beer is pressurized. The first pint or two were a little foamy but after that, the tap worked very nicely. So, if you’d like beer from a keg without having to buy a kegerator and a huge keg, see if your local liquor store has any Heineken mini-kegs on hand. They’re great for parties, or, since they stay good for up to 30 days after tapping, they’re fine for personal consumption as well.


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