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First inning sinks Pirates again

Tonight, Kip Wells continued to follow the pattern set by other Pittsburgh starters this year – only a few months later. The other Pirates starters struggled for the first few weeks of the season, generally digging themselves a deep hole in the first inning. Since Kip Wells came off the disabled list a couple of weeks ago he has followed the same trend. Tonight, he gave up 5 runs in the first inning but managed to regroup and pitched the next five innings without allowing another run. However, the damage was done and the Pirates lost to the Mets 0-5.


Sufjan Stevens’ new album ships on Saturday

Those of you who are fans of Sufjan Stevens (and let’s face it, you ALL should be) will be excited to find out that he is releasing a new album, which will ship on Saturday. Apparently, Illinois was initially conceived as a double album but was released as normal album. This left plenty of unreleased material. This unreleased material has been collected and will be released as The Avalanche. More info is available here. I, for one, will probably buy this when it appears on eMusic. If you’re not already a subscriber to eMusic, you might be interested in joining. It is a subscription music download service that sells un-DRMed high bit-rate MP3s from non-major labels. Their catalog includes indie labels such as Matador, Merge, and Touch ‘n’ Go as well as many other labels specializing in jazz, classical and folk. You should check them out – you can get 25 songs for free just for trying the service. Their subscriptions range from 40 songs/month for $10 up to 90 songs/month for $20. Plus, you can cancel your subscription anytime, so if you only want to download 90 songs, then sign up for a month and then cancel after you’ve downloaded all your songs. They have pretty much the full catalog of Pavement, Superchunk, The Pixies, Pedro the Lion, and other indie favorites, so if you’re looking to complete your collection this is a really cheap way to do it. If you’re interested in checking them out, please let me know and I’ll send you a referral email with a special link. If you use that link to join, I get 50 free songs, so please tell me to send you that email! If you want to read more about eMusic, check out this article from arstechnica.


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