Pirates lose another game by one run

Today the Pirates roughed up normally dominant starter Tom Glavine for 11 hits but still failed to win. They led twice during the game, but the Pirates’ bullpen gave up 3 runs in the 8th inning to erase the Pirates’ two run lead. The Pirates were unable to score in the 9th and lost the game 6-7. This is the 25th game this season that the Pirates have lost by one run. To put this in perspective, the Pirates’ record is 29-56, so almost half of the games they’ve lost have been lost by only one run. I suspect, though I don’t have any supporting evidence, that the Pirates lead the league in 1-run losses. Perhaps I will follow up on this suspicion in a later post. In the meantime, I can tell you that the Pirates have scored 398 runs in their games so far, which puts them right in the middle of the pack in Major League Baseball, not at the bottom. Their opponents have scored 446 runs against them. A negative run differential of only 48 runs over 85 games should not translate into a 29-56 record. Read this article for an estimate of what their record should be, given that run differential.
Below, I present a list of the Pirates’ 1-run losses for the morbidly curious, including four instances of the Pirates losing two games in a series by one run each:

Date Opponent Score
4/5 Brewers 2-3
4/6 Reds 5-6
4/7 Reds 6-7
4/17 Cardinals 1-2
4/21 Astros 2-3
4/26 Cardinals 3-4
5/1 Cubs 1-2
5/3 Mets 3-4
5/7 Nationals 4-5
5/13 Marlins 3-4
5/18 Reds 8-9
5/21 Indians 2-3
5/22 Diamondbacks 3-4
5/24 Diamondbacks 7-8
5/28 Astros 4-5
6/4 Padres 0-1
6/6 Rockies 4-5
6/8 Giants 4-5
6/13 Cardinals 1-2
6/15 Cardinals 5-6
6/19 Diamondbacks 4-5
6/28 White Sox 3-4
6/30 Tigers 6-7
7/2 Tigers 8-9
7/4 Mets 6-7

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